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‘Learn through play’ is the highlight of our curriculum. Based on the principles of Early Childhood Development Model, the children’s day is filled with activities to enhance their fine motor skills and strengthen their gross motor skills. Children are introduced to education through enquiry, exploration and discovery. Sessions on communication, social etiquettes, teamwork and nature conservation streamlines the child into a routine, much needed for formal schooling.

Our curriculum has a balanced mix of age-appropriate group and individual activities designed to help children explore their surroundings with a healthy mind and body. We focus on:

1. Igniting imagination through creative activities

2. Building a healthy body through nutritious and wholesome meals

3. Developing locomotor skills through sports and games

4. Nurturing collaborative social skills by making new friends

5. Having fun being a kid

Our Child Enrichment Centre features various mind-expanding educational learning activities that allow exploration and discovery at the child's pace. This enables teachers to cater to individual needsand at the same time encourages children to choose their own leaning strategies appropriate to their needs.

Our activities at the Child Enrichment Centre are aimed at developing:

1. Self-respect and self-confidence

2. Building relationships

3. Behaviour and self-control

4. Looking after oneself

5. Community spirit

The Child Enrichment Centre provides the grooming that will enable a child to work as part of a team, develops the skills to create a secured environment around them and the opportunity for every child to grow up as a well-respectedglobal citizen. These are the qualities required to help a child form a solid character and develop their self-esteem.

Our literacy enhancement program helps children achieve reading and writing goals with activities, including word games and story writing, each day.

The holistic environs at Child Enrichment Centre are aimed at igniting a lifelong thirst for learning to help become confident contended individuals. Structured activities hone the ability and determination of young children to concentrate on games, school or group tasks.


The Nestling Preschool and Child Enrichment Centre is an offering from the Society for Educational Training and Research (SETR).


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S. No.6, Mhalunge-Balewadi, Next to Balewadi Sports Stadium, Behind Hotel Holiday Inn, on Pune-Mumbai By-Pass Road, Pune - 411045