Admission Enquiry 2019-20

We are happy to invite you to have a look into our home, The Nestling Preschool and Child Enrichment Centre

At Nestling, children are given ample opportunities to explore and learn. An array of educational aids and age-appropriate activities help children to develop fine motor skills, essential to hone critical thinking and problem solving aptitude. A well-designed timetable provides regular sessions on conversation so that children develop language skills and learn to express themselves with confidence. Through group and pair activities, children are trained to develop social etiquettes and teamwork. The outdoor play area has a wide display of devices, carefully chosen, to develop gross motor skills so that children are sport-ready by the time they begin formal schooling. To be close to nature and to learn from the laws of nature is a way of our education. Through a wide range of outdoor activities, all age groups are made aware of clean and green surrounding so that conservation becomes a habit.

A safe and secure environment to ensure emotional and physical protection is our priority. All children, are treated equally and respected for their uniqueness. Children are trained to understand their environment intuitively and deal with situation independently.

We Nurture - Physical Environment

A home away from home- a spacious campus with manicured lawns, greet every child that walks in the gates of the The Nestling Preschool and Child Enrichment Centre. Every room is well stocked with age-appropriate educational toys. The outdoor play gym has a wide choice of devices so that every muscle can be exerted and strengthened. Children are also exposed to nature-friendly activities such as growing plants, cleanliness drives so that conservation of surroundings become a habit.

We Care - Children’s Health and Safety

Round the clock CCTV Surveillance and trained security staff ensures safety in and around the campus. Every room as well as outdoor play area have child-friendly soft rubber flooring. A fully equipped infirmary with a trained nurse caters to the day to day needs of the children. A training in first-aid is mandatory for all support staff, soon after induction. Nutritious and age-appropriate meals are prepared in our kitchen under stringent hygienic conditions.

We Build - Relationship with Children

Children are provided with respectful and equitable relationships that promote trust and confidence among themselves and among adults around them. The rights of children are paramount and the staff maintains children’s dignity at all times.


The Nestling Preschool and Child Enrichment Centre is an offering from the Society for Educational Training and Research (SETR).


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S. No.6, Mhalunge-Balewadi, Next to Balewadi Sports Stadium, Behind Hotel Holiday Inn, on Pune-Mumbai By-Pass Road, Pune - 411045