Admission Enquiry 2019-20


1. When can a child take admission in Child Enrichment Centre?

Admission can be taken any time of the year.


2. Are there any specific dates to take admission in Child Enrichment Centre?

Admissions are open round the year.


3. Is there any age criteria?

Yes, infants above 6 months of age can be enrolled into Child Enrichment Centre upto the age of 8 years.


4. Can we send a tiffin/food along with our child?

Freshly cooked, hot nutritious meals are provided at The Nestling Preschool and Child Enrichment Centre.

5. How long can our child spend time at the Enrichment Centre?

The Centre is open from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm. We have different packages to cater to the needs of the parents. You can visit the Centre or fill up the online enquiry form and we will get in touch with you.

6. Can you extend the time beyond the regular working hours?

No, we cannot extend working hours beyond 6.30 am.

7. Do you train our child to seek admission to Preschool?

We have designed a preschool curriculum for 2 and 3 years old children which will focus on the skill development required to get into any reputed preschool across the country.

8. Do you also teach our child toilet manners?

We are more than happy to encourage potty training as long as the child is ready. However, the initial start needs to be done at home for at least two weeks with success before it can be effectively started at The Nestling Preschool and Child Enrichment Centre.

9. Do you take their studies? Or do you help them in completing their homework?

We do provide homework assistance. We give children a self study time, encouraging them to complete their work independently.

10. Do you celebrate festivals?

Most of the festivals are celebrated at Enrichment Centre through activities. We supports cultural diversity. If you have a cultural celebration that you would like to share with the Centre and the children, please contact the Centre Head. Children love and also feel pride when their culture and families become part of the Centre.

11. Do we have transport facility ?

* Transport facility will be provided at 12.30pm, 3:30 pm and 6:30 pm. Transport facility is not available on holidays and Saturdays.

12. If we enroll in the Child Enrichment Centre, can our child get admission in PICT Model School?

* Process has to be followed has per the school rules of PICT Model School.


The Nestling Preschool and Child Enrichment Centre is an offering from the Society for Educational Training and Research (SETR).


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