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A well-researched curriculum is followed at the Nestling Preshool . It has an appropriate coalition of “brainy and brawny” activities to cater to the left brain and right brain adequately. Each day’s lesson is fragmented into cohesive five steps


Circle Time

exchange of greetings, sharing ideas, introduction to classroom rules and routines.


Theme Time

exploring the classroom and immediate surroundings to understand the real world connection.


Math Time

exploring and developing pre math concepts


Play Time

exercising the gross motor skills, developing social and emotional skills through interactive games


Language Time

building vocabulary and pre-language skills

Differentiated approach and regular assessment for learning enables specific feedback to help provide individual learning plans. Worksheets enable learners to explore, analyse and apply classroom concepts.

We adopt the ‘Learning by doing’ and ‘Active Learning’ pedagogies at the Nestling Preschool. This ensures that the curriculum is imparted in a way that the learners are engaged in exploring the world around them at their pace which makes learning memorable and fun. At this tender age, the emphasis is on developing their gross motor and fine motor skills through a wide range of manipulative activities. Learners build on their social, emotional and physical skills apart from honing their pre-language and pre-numeracy skills. Field trips and outdoor activities are mapped to the curriculum to enhance the learning experience and to facilitate connection with the real world.

Once in a month PTM allows collaboration with parents and provides opportunities to share the status of the learner in terms of the curriculum benchmarks.

Apart from having a trained educators to transact the curriculum, learners with special needs are supported by a Special Educational Needs teacher (SEN) inclusively in the classroom.


The Nestling Preschool and Child Enrichment Centre is an offering from the Society for Educational Training and Research (SETR).


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