Admission Enquiry 2019-20


1. What is the Admission Process?

Enrollments for admission to the Nestling Preshool opens in the last quarter of the academic year. The dates are published on the website.

This is with reference to the registration / admission process which will begin from 3rd December, 2018.

As scheduled, the registration process will begin on 3rd December, 2018 from 9 am onwards for Nursery and Jr.Kg. (Seats are not available in Sr.Kg).Please take note of the below steps:

  1. Please visit the school and indicate your wish to take an admission at the Security Gate No 2 for Pre Primary admission You will have to enter the name of the student, grade in which the admission sought, mobile number and email id in the register available at the gate. The register will have the above format as per the grades. Kindly ensure the above mentioned details are correctly entered before leaving. You are advised not to bring along children with you.
  2. Please take note of the visitor number as that will be your token number. The school office will either call or send an email to intimate the timings of your counselling session with the list of the documents required. After the counselling session, if you wish to take admission, you will have to complete the registration process. This will be followed by an interaction of your child with the educator and the Principal. Kindly note, it is mandate for both the parents to meet the Principal who will take the final decision.
  3. Post your interaction with the Principal, we will send you a mail confirming a seat for your ward for the grade applied for with the details of the fee. The admission will stand confirmed only on receipt of fee & statutory documents.
  4. Should you be interested to avail the school transport facility, please submit the filled in transportation form to the transport in charge on the very same day of interaction. Transport requests mailed in later will not be entertained.
  5. Cafeteria registration forms will be available in the month of March, 2019. Cafeteria fee will be due in the month of March, 2019.

Should you have any other queries regarding the admission process, please feel free to give us a call during the week days (Monday - Friday) between 9.00 am and 3.00 pm.

Director and Principal


2. When does the academic year begin at Nestling preschool?

Academic year commences in the first week of April, not end March.


3. What is the selection criterion for admission?

With the exception of admission to Nursery, admission to the Nestling Preshool is based upon vacancy in the class to which admission is sought. After the counselling session, should the parents wish to go in for registration, an interaction is arranged with the teacher and the child which is followed by a meeting with the Principal and both the parents to discuss the vision and mission of the institution. Should the parents believe in regulations that govern the institution, the admission is taken forward.


4. The Nestling Preshool timings:

The Nestling Preshool timings are from Monday through Friday - 8.15am to 12.40pm. Saturday is holiday.

5. What is the age criterion?

Nursery: 2 years and 6 months

Jr. KG: 3 years and 6 months

Sr. KG: 4 years and 6 months


6. What are the documents required for the admission?

Following documents are required to be submitted:

  1. Filled in application form for registration and admission.
  2. Two passport sized photographs.
  3. For Jr.Kg and Sr.Kg, Original Bonafide Certificate from the previous school is required.
  4. Aadhar Card of students reflecting the current place of residence.
  5. Medical Report reflecting the blood group of the student.
  6. For Pre Primary Section, immunization schedule to be given.
  7. PAN Card of Parents.


7. What is the average class strength?

The maximum class strength is 24.

8. What is the child teacher ratio?

We maintain a child teacher ration of 12:1 and 1 maushi in every class.

9. Is there stress on spoken language?

English is the language of communication at school. However, we do understand that, not all our young learners are not acquainted with the language. We are multilingual in the classrooms and help our learners acquire English language skills gradually.

10. What are the languages offered apart from English ? learners have to choose between Marathi and Hindi to be learnt as their second language. It is recommended that all non Marathi speaking children opt for Hindi as their second language at Sr.Kg.

11. What sport facilities are available at the campus?

The Nestling Preshool focuses on skill building. As such learners have a dedicated and structured play time everyday which focuses on developing their fine motor and gross motor skills.

12. What other activities does the school offer?

Helen O’ Grady International Edu Drama Programme: The School emphasizes on communication skills as it is the most important skill in today’s competitive world. Hence, with the objective to cater to a growing need for language learning and soft skills development in India, we have partnered with Helen O’Grady International Speech and Drama Academy, Australia. This programme is extended to learners of Jr.Kg and Sr.Kg

13. What is the procedure for leaving school campus during school hours in case of any exigency?

A written request must be submitted by the parents either personally or through mail. Upon approval by the Principal, a 'Permission Slip' should be obtained from the front desk and shown at the school gate before leaving the campus. Production of Escort Card is mandate. Students will be handed over only to the escorts whose photographs reflect in the Escort Card and is duly stamped by the School authorities.

14. What is the procedure to apply for a leave?

In case of illness or an emergency, a written note has to be sent to the class educator the following day or an email can be sent to the School, mentioning the name of the learner, grade and section.

In case of a planned absence, a written note has to be sent to the class educator through the diary or a mail can be sent to the School, at least two days in advance, mentioning the name of the learner, grade and section.

IParents are requested not to take a vacation or long leave when the school is in session as it affects the academic progress of the child. In case of compelling circumstances, prior permission must be sought from the Principal (at least one week in advance). Attendance on the first day (after vacation/ school reopening) and the last day (prior to vacation) is compulsory.

15. What is the mode of communication with the school?

Nestling Preschool religiously follows two primary modes of communication; the School Almanac and the Beacon, our weekly transaction report. We can be contacted via emails and phone calls as published in the School Diary, for specific concerns.

For the best interest of the learner, we do not encourage communication regarding poor academic performance, fee dues, behavioural issues of the child, concerns regarding staff and other personal family matters through the school diary. Such communications are restricted to exchange of mails only.

16. How frequently do you conduct PTMs?

PTMs are organized on one Saturday of every month, the schedule of which is published in the School Diary. Time schedule for the same is sent about a week in advance to the parents. Attendance is mandatory for the parents. Should a need arise to meet the teacher, prior appointment can be taken through a diary message, email or a phone call.

17. What is the role of a Nestling preschool parent?

We believe "teachers should take care of teaching and parents should do parenting". Only then a child feels secure and grows up with confidence. As much as we take care of training the child as a teacher, we would like our parents to take care of the following:

  • Abiding by the policies and regulations, stated in the School Diary, which governs the day to day functioning of the school.

  • Checking and signing the notes in the school diary on a daily basis.

  • Encouraging and supporting the child to participate in all events and competitions.

  • Updating through the Weekly Transaction Report sent by mail every Friday.

  • Attending all PTMs and Parent Orientation Programme conducted at regular intervals.

  • Parents are strongly advised to meet the Educators in case of behavioural issues or academic concerns, without delay.


The Nestling Preschool and Child Enrichment Centre is an offering from the Society for Educational Training and Research (SETR).


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