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Our Child Enrichment Centre features various mind-expanding educational learning centers that allow exploration and discovery at the child's pace and enables teachers to pay individual attention and encourage children to make choices appropriate to their needs.

Learning Centre

Activities include but not restricted to

Creative Arts Centre

Dough play, paper tearing, scribbling with chalk and crayons, finger painting

Dramatic Play/ Role play Centre

Puppets, doll house, role play, dramatisation

Language Centre

Listening to rhymes and stories( audio and audio visual), conversation, picture talk, show and tell

Reading Centre

Holding a book, picture reading, read aloud sessions, story narrations

Blocks and Manipulative Centre

Stacking blocks, Building blocks, manipulative toys

Exploratory and Science Centre

Sensory activities, do it yourself activities. We guide children in gathering information in order to understand science, nature, and how things work.

Puzzle and Math Centre

Single piece pull out puzzles, matching puzzles, colour and shape sorters, numeric activities.

Music Centre

Sound boxes, musical toys, singing sessions.

In addition to the child centric early learning centers offered in our programme, we give young children additional opportunities to flourish through enrichments woven right into the daily schedule:


Supporting character-building behaviors such as helpfulness, respect, friendship, responsibility and cooperation, “ Golden Rules” will be reinforced throughout. Children with a positive sense of themselves in relation to their peers, family and community will respond effectively to challenges they face. Our activities are aimed at developing:

  1. Self-respect and self-confidence

  2. Building relationships

  3. Behaviour and self-control

  4. Looking after oneself

  5. A sense of community.

The Child Enrichment Centre provides the grooming that will enable a child to work as part of a team, develops the skills to create a friendly environment around them and the opportunity for every child to become a respected member of their community. These are the qualities required to help a child form a solid character and develop their self-esteem.


Physical activity, health and nutrition and relaxation all help children stay active and understand the value of good health and fitness.


Our literacy enhancement program helps children achieve and exceed reading and writing goals with activities, including word games and story writing, each day.


Fun activities play a big role in how your child will develop critical skills. It may just feel like playing to your child, but what’s really happening is learning that will last a lifetime! The holistic environs at The Nestling Preschool and Child Enrichment Centre will ignite enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge and learning in general, as well as build the self-confidence. Structured activities will hone the ability and determination of the young children to concentrate on games, school or group tasks.


Nutritious and wholesome meals(morning breakfast, morning snacks, lunch, midnoon snacks, evening snacks) are provided to the Child Enrichment Centre. The meal plan is designed by certified nutritionist of Surya Mother and Child Hospital. Emphasis is given on inclusion of seasonal vegetables and fruits. Cafeteria has a state-of-the-art kitchen along with an exclusive well-trained cohort of staff. The staff nurse tastes the food before it is served to the children. Strict norms of hygiene is maintained and medical examination of the staff is routine. Use of white sugar, refined flour, packaged and preserved food, food colour, ready-to-eat items are strictly not allowed in the cafeteria.


Life is full of choices, and allowing your child to choose the activities he/she loves most keeps her excited to learn. Children have time every day to explore their own interests in areas like Creative Arts, the Library, Math and Construction, Puzzles and Games, and Science.


Homework Help : Our facilitators are here to support your child in completing home assignments—which frees up time in the evenings for you to be together as a family.


The Nestling Preschool and Child Enrichment Centre is an offering from the Society for Educational Training and Research (SETR).


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