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Nestling Child Enrichment Centre Transport Guidelines

Transport facility is available for The Nestling Preschool and Child Enrichment Centre. The Nestling Preschool has a pick up and drop off bus facility while the Child Enrichment Centre has only drop off facility in the evening. Every bus is equipped with a GPS tracking system, CCTV camera and first aid kit. A lady attendant accompanies the children during travel. Police verification is a statutory requirement for both the driver and the lady attendant. A dedicated Transport Manager monitors the movement of the buses as well as the conduct of the driver and lady attendant. Periodic trainings are provided to reinforce the safety and security norms.

Following are the safety rules that have to be strictly adhered to by all the learners in the bus.

  1. Students should sit in their place before the bus starts. They should not stand when the bus moves.

  2. Students should sit on the places allotted to them.

  3. Students should have their ID cards on while travelling in the School bus.

  4. Students should look after their belongings.

  5. School bags should be kept on the racks and not on the seats.

  6. Silence should be maintained in the bus. Chaos should be avoided. This can distract the driver.

  7. If on the precise stop nobody is available to receive the student, he/she will be brought back to the school and handed over only to the parents in the school campus.

  8. Students will be handed over to the parents / guardians / escorts endorsed in the Escort Card and only on producing the same at the drop off points.

  9. Students should not put out any part of the body from the window or the door.

  10. Cleanliness should be maintained in the bus.

  11. Any damage made by the students to the bus will be reported to the Principal and the parents have to bear the cost.

  12. The students and staff whose names are listed in the route only will be permitted to enter the bus.

  13. School bus service will be cancelled for the students found in misconduct.

  14. Students should be present on the bus stop five minutes prior to the prescribed time. Bus will not wait for the students.

  15. Bus routes are designed to ensure that one way travel time of the students do not exceed 45 mins. Therefore, no requests to change the stops will be entertained whatsoever.

  16. School buses will not stop other than the designated stops. Parents or guardians will not be permitted to stop the bus at any unauthorized stops.

  17. Parents and guardians are not permitted to get inside the bus under any circumstances.

  18. Things forgotten in the bus will be deposited in the school office and should be collected within 24hours at the responsibility of the students.

  19. The students should be prompt and disciplined while getting in and out of the bus as standing of the bus for long time can obstruct the traffic.

The above rules are made for safety and safe journey of the students.


The Nestling Preschool and Child Enrichment Centre is an offering from the Society for Educational Training and Research (SETR).


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