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The Nestling Preschool - Nursery to Sr.Kg.

A child’s major development takes place in the first 5 years of life. These are the formative years that shape the child’s future health, growth, social and emotional development, motor skills and learning at school.

Teaching Methodology

We adopt the ’Learning by doing’ and ‘Active Learning’ teaching pedagogies at the Nestling Preschool. This ensures that the curriculum is imparted in a way that the learners are engaged in exploring the world around them at their pace which makes learning memorable and fun. At this stage, the emphasis is on developing their gross motor and fine motor skills through a wide range of manipulative activities. They build on their social, emotional and physical skills apart from pre language and pre numeracy skills. Field trips and outdoor activities are mapped to the curriculum to enhance the learning experience for the young learners.

Child Educator Ratio

We maintain a healthy child educator ratio of 12:1 and maximum class strength of 24. A dedicated lady attendant is assigned for each class.

Nestling Preschool is the first milestone for the child to step into a new world. Here the child receives the right blend of traditional and high tech quality education in a warm and prepared environment that makes learning interesting.

Our Partners in Education


We have partnered XSEED which provides us a proven and research based academic program. The program aligns with our Mission to nurture the thinking skills & give problem solving confidence in young children.

Helen O’ Grady Edudrama

We have partnered with the prestigious Helen O’ Grady Edudrama to enhance and develop the learners’ English language skills, problem solving skills, team building and collaboration. Helen O’ Grady is a unique programme to promote personal development through drama. Through drama, they will learn to express themselves better, relate to their peers and develop essential life skills.


The Nestling Preschool and Child Enrichment Centre is an offering from the Society for Educational Training and Research (SETR).


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