Admission Enquiry 2019-20


The Nestling Preschool and Child Enrichment Centre pays utmost attention towards safety and security of all students under its care. The campus is equipped with CCTV cameras in the common areas to ensure constant surveillance which is monitored at all times. Carrying identity cards is compulsory for all students and staff. Visitors need to make entries at security and are issued ID cards too before entering the campus. Visitors are escorted by security into the campus to the person they need to visit. All the classes are monitored by teachers at all times. Housekeeping staff and other helpers are always available, especially during break timings. Regular patrolling of common areas and washrooms during break time and dispersal is ensured. The young students are accompanied by the housekeeping ladies and frequently by the teachers, for rest room breaks, to ensure they are taken care of. Trained security personnel including lady guards within the campus ensure the safety of students throughout the day. The school adheres to all safety norms as prescribed by the regulatory authorities.


The Nestling Preschool and Child Enrichment Centre is an offering from the Society for Educational Training and Research (SETR).


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S. No.6, Mhalunge-Balewadi, Next to Balewadi Sports Stadium, Behind Hotel Holiday Inn, on Pune-Mumbai By-Pass Road, Pune - 411045